Taste the delight of tantra massage

Tantra is a luxury and sensual body massage provided by special traineed tantra ladies, that will open you a new unknown world of sexual energy a that will bring your mind and your body deep pleasure and excitment.

Tantra salon tantra massage Bratislavatantra is inviting you to a first class services providing a lot of tantra programmes not only for experienced but also for beginners. Luxury area, comfortable and always nice and clean rooms with privacy and intimacy are located in heart of old capital city and are opened whole week for people 18+.


Tantra is suitable for both women, men and also for couples, offer and its tantra rooms are prepared for different tastes and images of every client.

Tantra is a mystic massage in which all senses and body are deeply excited and relaxed and every programmme is starting with welcome tantra ritual in passionate, sensual and erotic atmosphere, in which you will have time and opportunity to be closer each to other. After welcome greeting with tantra lady Namaste mystic ritual with bath, putting you a sarong is following and after this rituals your sensual experience is starting.

During tantra massage your body and senses will be relaxed and after this procedure you will have enough time for relax and you will slowly return to the real life full of energy and vitality.

A small gift will be prepared for you as a thank you for your stay and visit.

You will be seduced by charming and nice tantra ladies, you can choose your tantra lady.


You can relax that confidentiality and professionalism are guaranteed as well as you can relax on luxury area and first class services with high quality.

Exclusive programmes are starting with very basic tantra massage for shy people and beginners in which you will reveal your erogenous zones using only hands of tantra lady.

Body tantra, body mutual tantra, body rain tantra are for experienced and for those who could feel energy of body to body massage techniques including massage of intimate parts.

Try tantra for relaxing your body and mind and refresh yourself regularly.